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Who we are

Simply put, we are a small group of passionate innovators. We love the product we created and continue to love the process of designing and creating improvements and accessories for the FlexQuad® 

Blair Jackson

Fearless Leader

As a kid growing up in Canada, Blair got his engineering spark from building wooden go-karts. As as a teen, he moved to the USA with his family and pursued a career in Engineering.

While working in the aerospace industry, Blair got a taste of his engineering roots by designing a drive-by-wire, articulating


In 2015, Blair left his 30 year career as an aerospace engineer to rediscover the his engineering soul. To go back to engineering with the passion and excitement as he had felt building wooden go-karts.

Armed with the knowledge and skills obtained from a successful engineering career, Blair created Orison Corporation and began designing the first iterations of the FlexQuad®. He has brought on a team of talented individuals to take the FlexQuad® to the next level. Scroll left or right to meet them.


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