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Redefining the personal transportation experience, sustainably. 


The FlexQuad® is a unique electric vehicle that provides an exhilarating driving experience. Its design is a radical departure from tradition. The FlexQuad® provides hands free operation with the steering, braking and acceleration controlled through two foot pedals. It provides a fold up structure for easy storage and transport. It is a minimalistic design, including the needed features for fun local transpiration. The structure and suspension are provided through a pair of front and back spring limbs for a smooth ride and minimum vehicle weight. The intent of this design is to provide a higher level of value both in function and in thrill by abandoning from the long-established steering wheel.




    Lithium, 36V, 20 AH, 9 pounds (2.2 kg)


    2-3 hours continuous



    Two 250 W Brushless DC Motors, 350 W available

Speed: 15 mph
Battery: Lithium, 36V, 20 AH, 9 pounds (2.2 kg)
Range: 2-3 hours continuous operation
Recharging Time: 4 hours (from complete discharge)
Brakes: Front Disk
Steering: Foot Controlled
Motors: Two 250 W Brushless DC Motors, 350 W available
Adjustable Seat: Aluminum frame with fabric mesh. 
Dimensions: 73” Long, 41.5” Wide, 39” Tall (with seat)
Folded Dimensions: 18.75” Long, 41.5” Wide, 43.75” Tall

The suspension of the vehicle is provided through spring like limbs made from bamboo which is strong, rugged and environmentally friendly. It is easy to introduce limbs of different length and stiffness to accommodate almost any sized person.

The electrical system of the car includes an Arduino UNO. The UNO interprets input from the pedals and outputs the desired throttle level. A custom shield mates with the UNO to simplify electrical connections within the car.

How it Works

The FlexQuad® is driven by a brushless DC motor in each of the two rear wheels. There is a small switch panel in front of the seat between the front two limbs. This has the main power switch, light switch and forward and reverse switch. The throttle is controlled by tipping both foot pedals forward. To slow down the driver tips both pedals back which reduces the throttle. Further tipping back actuates the two front disk brakes. The driver pushes either pedal forward to turn the car right or left. This approach is very intuitive after a few minutes of practice. Notice the headlights that change in angle to match the steering of the car. This approach dates to Preston Tucker in 1948. 

4-19 a.jpg

Current Design

The latest design uses a cast aluminum front cross member and hall-effect sensors on each pedal to control the throttle. Hall sensors are more reliable than potentiometers. The 5th generation design utilizes a battery mounted outside of the control box. This allows the ability to carry spare batteries and quickly swap them out to extend the range.


FlexQuad® Kits

Orison is ready to facilitate early adopters wanting to build and customize their own FlexQuad®. You will receive a substantial discount on each of your kits. This includes some of the quick build kit options. Some early adopters will be given the option to test prototype components and accessories before they are put up for sale.

The kits are designed to be built with commonly available tools. Most kits have quick build options to help the builder with parts they cannot or do not want to build themselves. For example, if you do not have the equipment necessary to create the bamboo limbs, spoke and true the wheels, or sew the seat, for a slight upcharge we can build those pieces for you and ship them completed with the appropriate kit. Early adopters will receive a discount on quick builds as well. As there are so many options for kits, we do not have a standardized form to order. Please fill out the form below or shoot us an email and we can discuss which kit options will work best for you. Total price for our early adopters starts at $1497 for all of the kits which may be purchased separately.


If you do not want to build your own, we are offering purchase and lease options at a discounted rate as well.

  • Kits Include

    • Aluminum casting

    • Machined and welded parts

    • Wheels, breaks, and tires

    • Motors and motor controllers

    • Battery

    • Sheet metal parts complete

    • Nuts, bolts, washers and bushings

    • Plastic parts

    • Arduino board and shield

    • Power Supply Unit

    • Cabling

    • Bamboo for limbs

    • Sample software 

    • Fabric Seat

  • Items Purchased Separately

    • Glue for limbs (Tie Bond III)

    • Wood stain

    • Polyurethane

  • Quick Build Options

    • Complete bamboo limbs

    • Spoked wheels

    • Full sewn seat

We are adding build instructions to our website in both video and drawing format. The kits are designed to be built with commonly available tools. There are three custom electronics boards included with the kit that come completed and tested. The FlexQuad® uses a 36V lithium battery that is also included. Kit builders have the option of purchasing batteries from an alternate source Orison is looking for additional early adopters that would like to build one or more cars. Some experience with electronics is needed. It takes approximately 80 hours to build a car. The complete FlexQuad® is broken down into eight sub kits, each delivered in a separate box. The total kit price is $1497 for early adopters. See link for kit contents Builders are encouraged to buy each successive sub kit as they progress through the building process. Orison has quick build options that include completed bamboo limbs, spoked wheels, and a fully sewn seat. This results in additional cost yet reduces the build time Orison is delivering kits now. Additional support during the build process is provided by phone or e-mail. You are encouraged to contact us to learn more. We also welcome visitors with an appointment at our Tipp City, OH facility We are approaching the point where we are can deliver complete ready to drive cars. Please contact us if you are interested in this option See link for Terms and Conditions.

222 N. 6th Street, Unit B
Tipp City, OH 45373
Email: blair@orisoncorporation.com
Phone: (937) 570-6406

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