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  • How long does it take to learn how to drive the FlexQuad®?
    It takes most people about 15 minutes to learn how to steer and accelerate with their feet. It is important to start out in an uncongested area. You are welcome to come to our Tipp City, OH facility and try driving a car before you order one.
  • Can I modify the FlexQuad®?
    Being that you are the builder of the car, you are responsible for the integrity of the car. You are free to change the FlexQuad® as you see fit. People are welcome to talk to us concerning a proposed change. We will share with you any testing or analysis we have conducted and our thoughts on your proposed change. If you so choose, you can change the software in the car and the settings in the motor controllers to your own liking. We provide software to download into your car that has worked well for us and others.
  • Can I use a different battery?
    Yes, you are free to purchase a battery from a different supplier that you have confidence. It is important to stay with the same voltage and have a battery capable of outputting at least 20 amps. We tried to design the car to accommodate batteries of different physical sizes.
  • How long does it take to charge the battery?
    Our battery chargers typically charge a battery in 2-4 hours. This depends on the level of discharge and the capacity of the battery.
  • What skills do I need to build a FlexQuad®?
    Basic wood working skills are needed if you are building you own bamboo limbs. Also, some electrical experience is needed for the last portion of the car. If you are the type that feared setting up the TV and DVD player, you should recruit some help. Patience and perseverance can frequently offset a lower experience level. After you get your car operational, you will have the technical understanding to trouble shoot most issues and incorporate your own customization. You should have ability to interpret simple drawings.
  • How do I store and transport a FlexQuad®?
    These cars can be stored unfolded or folded up. It is important to store the FlexQuad® indoors to avoid deterioration. Storing as few days outside occasionally is rarely an issue. You need to store the battery between 40F and 90F. The car without the battery can be stored at a much broader temperature range yet the environment should be dry. If leaving the car folded up while unattended, it is important to tie it off to prevent it from falling in inadvertently bumped.
  • Can the FlexQuad® get wet?
    Our cars are designed to an IP65 and can be operated in the rain. We have left our cars out during extended downpours without issue. If you get caught in this situation, it is better to leave the car unfolded (4 wheels on the ground) than folded up.
  • Can I buy a FlexQuad® already built?
    Currently, we only offer the car sold as a kit for two reasons. First, Orison is a small company and the FlexQuad® is a new product. We have not fully tested the car under every perceivable operating condition. The kit builder assumes the responsibility of the integrity of the car. Second, we currently do not have a means to provide a service technician for customers greater than 60 miles from our facility. If the owner/operator has built the and car runs into complications, we can aid this person in trouble shooting and fixing the issue through phone and internet support.
  • What testing have you done on the FlexQuad®?
    Our testing falls in two categories. First, driving the cars ourselves and have other people test drive them. This is an informal way to evaluate the functionality of our designs. We also do formal testing of components and subassemblies evaluating things like structural integrity of mechanical parts and performance of electrical parts. We formally document this testing. We have further testing to perform. That is why are cars are currently identified as experimental. We have also instrumented our cars and performed brake testing.

222 N. 6th Street, Unit B
Tipp City, OH 45373
Phone: (937) 570-6406

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