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Investor Relations

Our mission is to create a American made electric personal vehicle that we can sustainably grow. We design and develop all of our products in the U.S. and hope to bring all manufacturing processes back home for a higher quality product. Currently in our growth phase, we are seeking funding to continue product development and expansion. With funds, we would be able to improve our product, innovate, and design new processes that would reduce costs, lower carbon emissions, and improve the final product.

Who We Are

Armed with the knowledge and skills obtained from a successful engineering career, Blair created Orison Corporation and began designing the first iterations of the FlexQuad®. He has brought on a team of talented individuals to take the FlexQuad® to the next level. Scroll left or right to meet them.

When the FlexQuad® design was approaching the point to be ready for market, Blair needed someone who was not familiar to the car to build it. His niece mentioned Scott as being just the guy to build one. Scott has since completed his build and continues build partial kits for customers. He remains heavily involved with Orison assisting with the development of the FlexQuad® , also creating Orison's graphic design and assisting with marketing needs.

Scott brings 24 years of engineering experience, mostly in the automotive sector. He is currently an engineering professor at the University of Dayton. He teaches in the areas of digital electronics, embedded systems, instrumentation, and software engineering.

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